About Us

Blue Boy Arts

A Bhakti Art Collective for the Sankirtan Movement. Showcasing spiritual art that influences society and inspires those on the path of devotion.

We are an art collective dedicated to supporting Bhakti artists and showcasing their work. Our mission is to inspire society and foster a positive devotional path through art that is deeply rooted in Vedic spirituality.

At Blue Boy Arts, we believe that art has the power to uplift the soul and connect individuals with a higher purpose. By featuring and supporting collaboration between Bhakti artists, we aim to create a platform where their unique creations can reach a wider audience and inspire a deeper understanding of spirituality.

What sets Blue Boy Arts apart is our focus on art that is relevant, inspiring, and Krishna Conscious. Through our curated collections, we aim to showcase the beauty, depth, and diversity of spiritual art from the ancient Vedic wisdom. From traditional paintings to contemporary installations, our goal is to provide a space where artists can freely express their devotion and inspire others on their spiritual journey.

Whether you are an art enthusiast, a collector, or simply someone looking for inspiration, Blue Boy Arts offers a wide range of art that will captivate your heart and uplift your spirit. Our online gallery provides a convenient platform for you to explore and appreciate the work of talented Bhakti artists from around the world.

Our Art Pillars

Relevant Art:

We showcase works that resonate with contemporary issues, emotions, and experiences. These artworks explore and reflect the ever-changing world we live in, addressing relevant themes and stories that connect with today’s audiences. Through this pillar, we aim to bridge the gap between art and the contemporary world, sparking meaningful conversations and insights.

Inspiring Art:

We celebrate creativity that uplifts the human spirit and encourages devotion and growth. These artworks have the power to inspire change, foster hope, and reveal the absolute truth. Through this pillar, we hope to inspire both artists and viewers to reach for their highest potential.

Bhakti Art:

Dedicated to artworks that delve into the realm of spirituality and devotion. It embraces the rich traditions of Bhakti and Krishna consciousness, exploring themes that connect with the divine and the sacred. These artworks often depict the beauty of Krishna, the wisdom of ancient scriptures, and the essence of devotion. Through this pillar, we aim to evoke a deep sense of spiritual connection and reflection in our artist and viewers.

Glowing Vishnu artwork